April 11th Events

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April 11th, 2007 (April 11 2007)Event2007 Algiers bombings: Two bombings in the Algerian capital of Algiers, kills 33 people and wounds a further 222 others.
April 11th, 2006 (April 11 2006)EventIranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announces that Iran has successfully enriched uranium.
April 11th, 2002 (April 11 2002)EventThe Ghriba synagogue bombing by Al Qaeda kills 21 in Tunisia.
April 11th, 2002 (April 11 2002)EventAn attempted coup d etat in Venezuela against President Hugo Chavez takes place.
April 11th, 2001 (April 11 2001)EventThe detained crew of a United States EP-3E aircraft that landed in Hainan, People s Republic of China after a collision with an J-8 fighter is released.
April 11th, 2000 (April 11 2000)EventAT&T Park in San Francisco, Minute Maid Park in Houston, and Comerica Park in Detroit open.
April 11th, 1990 (April 11 1990)EventCustoms officers in Middlesbrough, United Kingdom, say they have seized what they believe to be the barrel of a massive gun on a ship bound for Iraq.Tom Ze Quotes
April 11th, 1987 (April 11 1987)EventThe London Agreement is secretly signed between Israeli Foreign Affairs Minister Shimon Peres and King Hussein of Jordan.Shimon Peres Quotes
April 11th, 1981 (April 11 1981)EventA massive riot in Brixton, South London, results in almost 300 police injuries and 65 serious civilian injuries.
April 11th, 1981 (April 11 1981)EventPresident Ronald Reagan returns to the White House from the hospital, 12 days after he was wounded in an assassination attempt.Ronald Reagan Quotes
April 11th, 1979 (April 11 1979)EventUgandan dictator Idi Amin is deposed.Idi Amin Quotes
April 11th, 1976 (April 11 1976)EventThe Apple I is created.
April 11th, 1970 (April 11 1970)EventApollo 13 is launched.
April 11th, 1968 (April 11 1968)EventPresident Lyndon B. Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act of 1968, prohibiting discrimination in the sale, rental, and financing of housing.Lyndon Johnson Quotes
April 11th, 1968 (April 11 1968)EventGerman student leader Rudi Dutschke is shot in Berlin.
April 11th, 1965 (April 11 1965)EventThe Palm Sunday tornado outbreak of 1965: Fifty-one tornadoes hit in six Midwestern states, killing 256 people.
April 11th, 1961 (April 11 1961)EventThe trial of Adolf Eichmann begins in Jerusalem.Adolf Eichmann Quotes
April 11th, 1957 (April 11 1957)EventBritain agrees to Singaporean self-rule.
April 11th, 1955 (April 11 1955)EventThe Air India Kashmir Princess is bombed and crashes in a failed assassination attempt on Zhou Enlai by the Kuomintang.
April 11th, 1952 (April 11 1952)EventThe Battle of Nanri island takes place.
April 11th, 1951 (April 11 1951)EventKorean War: President Harry Truman relieves General Douglas MacArthur of overall command in Korea.Douglas MacArthur Quotes
April 11th, 1951 (April 11 1951)EventThe Stone of Scone, the stone upon which Scottish monarchs were traditionally crowned, is found on the site of the altar of Arbroath Abbey. It had been taken by Scottish nationalist students from its place in Westminster Abbey.
April 11th, 1945 (April 11 1945)EventWorld War II: American forces liberate the Buchenwald concentration camp.
April 11th, 1921 (April 11 1921)EventFirst sports broadcast on the radio takes place.
April 11th, 1921 (April 11 1921)EventThe Emirate of Transjordan is created.
April 11th, 1921 (April 11 1921)EventIowa becomes the first U.S. state to impose a cigarette tax.
April 11th, 1919 (April 11 1919)EventThe International Labour Organization is founded.
April 11th, 1905 (April 11 1905)EventAlbert Einstein reveals his Theory of Relativity (special relativity).Albert Einstein Quotes
April 11th, 1899 (April 11 1899)EventSpain cedes Puerto Rico to the United States.
April 11th, 1888 (April 11 1888)EventThe Concertgebouw in Amsterdam is inaugurated.
April 11th, 1876 (April 11 1876)EventThe Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks is organized.
April 11th, 1868 (April 11 1868)EventThe Shogunate is abolished in Japan.
April 11th, 1865 (April 11 1865)EventPresident Abraham Lincoln makes his last public speech.Abraham Lincoln Quotes
April 11th, 1856 (April 11 1856)EventIn Rivas, Nicaragua, Juan Santamaria burns down the hostel where William Walker s filibusters are holed up.
April 11th, 1828 (April 11 1828)EventFoundation of Bahia Blanca.
April 11th, 1775 (April 11 1775)EventThe last execution for witchcraft in Germany takes place.
April 11th, 1713 (April 11 1713)EventWar of the Spanish Succession (Queen Anne s War): Treaty of Utrecht.
April 11th, 1689 (April 11 1689)EventWilliam III and Mary II are crowned as joint sovereigns of Britain.
April 11th, 1512 (April 11 1512)EventWar of the League of Cambrai: French forces led by Gaston de Foix win the Battle of Ravenna.
April 11th, 1241 (April 11 1241)EventBatu Khan defeats Bela IV of Hungary at the Battle of Muhi.
April 11th, 1079 (April 11 1079)EventBishop Stanislaus of Krakow is executed by order of Boleslaw II of Poland.
April 11th, 0491 (April 11 0491)EventFlavius Anastasius becomes Byzantine Emperor, with the name of Anastasius I.

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